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Create a party to remember with Bluebox Radio Active Ltd. With our modern and stylish DJ service you can plan a party that all your guests will be talking about – using only the best quality sound and lighting equipment and the most talented DJs you can rest assured that your party will be remembered for years to come. We can provide DJ hire for any occasion at competitive prices; corporate events, weddings, birthdays, proms, bar & club nights. Take a look at our DJ package, to add that something different to your party.

No venue too large, no occasion too small.


1.) Customized Dj services for your event (Weddings, Parties, Club Nights)

2.) Customized one-hour long mixtapes for Venues or Album Launches.

2a.) Video Mixtapes

2b.) Audio Mixtapes

3.) Live stream Dj events

4.) Customised remote live parties (We do not have to be at the venue to rock your party)


We can provide many extras to give that extra 'wow' factor. Some of our extras include;

1. Club lighting and sound

We can provide additional lighting and sound for your event to really make it seem like a super club! You can add haze, strobes, lasers, moving heads, UV, even bubble machines to enhance your guests experience.

2. Video Diary

The Bluebox video diary is the perfect way to reminisce about your event after the moment has passed. We will set-up a video set complete with backdrops and props. Your guests will then take it in turns to leave a message in-front of a hi-res video camera. We will then professionally edit and compile these clips. This is a great way to remember your special day!

3. Videographer

We are lucky to have a professional videographer as part of the Bluebox team. We will be able to capture the whole day / night, and edit together so you can watch the moment over time and time again.

4. Photo Projection Service

We can provide a brilliant photographer to roam around your event searching out the best moments to capture. We then project these photos up onto a screen around 20 minutes after the are taken! This really adds a whole heap on energy to your party.

5. LED wall /Projector / display screen hire

We can provide screens of any size for your event. From 50" plasma displays to huge LED wall displays for outdoor use. We ensure your guests get a clean clear picture, wherever they are.

Wondering how to ask for the extras? don't worry We set up an online forum with each package where you can make requests prior to the date. It’s the perfect way to personalize your evening!


To book our DJ’s you need to contact us with the following information about your event;

1. Type of Event

2. Venue

3. Date and Timings