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Bluebox Radio Active Ltd is a record label based in London, United Kingdom offering a platform that allows artists, producers and deejays a chance to showcase their work without favour or discrimination. Bluebox's main mission is to understand, manage and promote African Artistry; Music, Fashion and Culture, through music production, digital music distribution, marketing and promotion, we believe we have taken the first step into achieving our goals.

“The best things or revelations come when you go the extra mile. - Deejay Bluemoon”


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18 jan

Posted by: admin | music, concert

Bluebox Radio Active looking forward to Re-Launch Soon

Bluebox Radio Active went live officially on 4th April 2016 and since then it has been building up to be the station that focuses on your entertainment needs. The station has indeed been picking and gaining popularity across the board in that we thought with better services was the way forward.

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